jueves, 15 de marzo de 2007

firma aquí, aquí, inciales aquí.....

So, credit card crisis update: I was totally cleaned out, AFTER reporting my card... so well at least I know the bank HAS to pay me back! after all it was their mistake. However I wil be broke for the following 55 days more or less...damn. Anyway, I'm trying to look for the bright side, it might just turn out that those people needed the money and well, who knows....


I signed my contract this week... and I have no idea where to start! so basically my job is finding donors for this association called "risaterapia". At first I wasn't really sure about it, about what they did...and then we made a small trip to a local hospital. It was great. Even in the street it was great. I guess I know exactly how it feels when you're so desperately in need of some random act of kindness (as I was this week), and finding it in a bunch of people that volunteer to visit hospitals, and rural areas, etc is great. They try to bring joy everywhere... it may sound a little lame, like there are so many other things that we would usually donate money more easily to, but trying to make people happy, just a little bit, is a good cause. I guess we often forget that, if anythin, everything else should be about making us, and others, happy.

So now im all for the cause, and i just hope I will be able to convinve others. Plus I get to work with really nice people!

Poetry Slam: Julia, my new french co-worker (french french french never met so many french people untill I started trying to avoid all things french in order to forget about a certain someone) invited me to a poetry "slam" in a local bookshop slash cafe.... it was really nice! I thought It would be all boring poetry maybe like the one I used to write (jaja im so glad I grew out of that one, I was terrible) but actually it was very good! I love meeting new people!!! Not that I dislike my life-long friends eh? they're the most important thing in my life next to my family, but its always nice to do things we dont usually do... MUST break out of this confort-zone rutine thing...its driving me crazy.

Little Bird: I found, well, my dog found a small hummingbird today. It had fell off his nest and was a bit hurt and very scared... I picked him up and managed to climb next to his nest to put him back. In the last moment he decided to "fly" away to a nearby branch... mama bird kept coming to feed him often, but Im afraid it will be too cold for him away from his nest. I hope he lives. They usually make their nests outside my window and I love to see them fly by. He was so cute and small! I'll let you know if he made it till morning!

Soooo...I was in a very very dark mood last time I wrote, and altough it is still hovering around me a little, I just have to push it away... things really reaaaally have to pick up. I know I make a lot of fuzz about nothing, its just that it doesn't feel like nothing, does that make sense??

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