miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2007


mixed up...im just mixed up...all this things that have been happening lately I just don't know what to do with them. Trying to find meaning everywhere it makes me wonder, is there really something there or are we just trying to make sense out of all this random things???
Weird thing is that they don't feel random. THIS doesn't feel random. I have all these things going through my head and heart and somehow I'm just afraid I'm reading to much into it all... as usual.
How much of anything can we be sure of?? all these signs are they really there or we're just desperate to see them?
I guess everything is just a leap of faith. Giving in...trying not to be afraid of what comes out of it.
Right now I'm surrounded by this amazing energy. I wonder what will happen once it goes away. Part of it will remain here with me no matter what. I hope I'm just smart enough to hold on to that.
Credit card crisis: Will remain on hold till further notice...
...y desde Francia: no news at all... just complete silence. It's driving me insane. We're not really used to letting go are we?.... specially when there's nothing else... Im an idiot! always looking in the wrong place...at least I hope Im looking for the right things.

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