domingo, 11 de marzo de 2007

Credit crisis, part 2

So, it's not enough they charged 9,000 bucks to my credit card (money I might just end up paying cause apparently Santander bank has no robbery inssurance which means that they'll say no, and we'll have to sue and it will take months before this shit is over), the bastards also emptied my debit card.... now, the weird thing is, apparently, they managed to do so AFTER I reported the robbery, how? I have no clue.

I reported the card, went to the bank the following morning and everything was fine, my money they said, was untouched....they gave me a new plastic and yesterday I went to get some money to the ATM and I had 60 pesos left in my account. 60 PESOS!!! unbelievable!

I know I didn't had that much money on my account, and it might sound like Im making a big deal out of a petty amount of money but those were ALL my savings... everything!!!


so, what has this whole positive attitude brought me in the past few months???? absolutely nothing, and since its so hard for me to be all nice and positive, I think I'll go back to my old melancholic self again.

THE NEW JOB: at least the cause is winning me over, Im working with nice people and all..however its just heartbreaking not to find anything real... dedicate yourself to screw people over for money and I'm sure you'll find a job you like in under a week...try to look for anything that has a humanitarian side to it and you're basically doomed to a shit pay, and to receive almost no respect from people who continue to believe that NGO work should be entirelly voluntary... as if it was something only to be done by 6o-year-old rich bitches trying to buy their way to heaven... In moments like this I really reaaaaally wish I didn't give a damn.

On a more personal romantic note, nothing interesting in the horizon... whatever's here im not interested in... Im so sick of it all, just empty words everytime...

"enough, it's enough now" time to move away from marathon man and all "great expectations", some money making job at least would pay rent, my new credit card bill (yeah thanks for that you $%@# robers) and travel money... how much do you think I would have to save up to travel, just travel, for a year??? maybe volunteer abroad, a whole year...

from my back-to-reality old self...hoping for a better week this week....

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Chiva Congelado dijo...

Qué poca madre...

Mira niña, para lo que te sirva, creeme que no hay mal que por bien no venga.

Un abrazotototote.

María del Mar dijo...

la neta si q poca madre

pero no se... yo pienso q a lo mejor ese dinero te lo ibas a gastar en alguna babosada innecesaria
o no... ya q te digo babar... q poca la verdad.--

te quiero mucho