jueves, 5 de abril de 2007


So far so good! today we had a new record, around $6000 bucks in sales and a bunch of donations... I've been signing at least one person per day. Its amazing what people will do to get out of donating a lousy 10USD per month for a good cause, people are sooo mean sometimes. However, there's always nice people who understand what we're trying to do.

Still, even though I'm very very tired, even if sometimes I get really stressed by how mean people are, I can say that my job right now is just great....good friends, good times, and also, everytime I feel like I want to go home, I can take a look around the children's museum!!! what do I do at my job everyday??? I smile, I laugh, I make jokes, I play with gigant bubbles, I make drawings out of fingerprints, play, play play!

PS:- Can't wait to take my course to become a "Laughter doctor"....man they're good!!!

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María del Mar dijo...

No había visto el video de Babar´s world!!!
Está increíbleeeeee!!!

Te quiero mucho barbarina!!


Ya se me hizo tarde, ya me voy al #$"&/( pueblo