martes, 2 de enero de 2007

2007 at laaaast!!!

We’ve seen the end of shitty 2006 at last!!! And now it’s time to start a new year (and a new diet all the x-mas meals) and I’m feeling so relieved! Just 5 more months till graduation and then its bye bye everything… I really hope I can get that scholarship for L.U in Ireland, or raise enough money for that volunteer program in Togo, or anything else that will require a change of address.
New year’s eve was kind of boring as it is almost every year, I missed my brother and sister this time…although my sister got to see the black eyed peas in a massive concert at Rio, that must have been a lot better than sitting around with my aunts and uncles half asleep by 10pm…. Anyway, I missed her terribly and I hope she’s doing great.
T-7 days for my trip to Chiapas…finally!!! So many years wanting to visit and I finally decided to make that trip…alone as usual since most my friends are working (I must repeat to myself, I’m a student, not unemployed, a student, not unemployed). It may sound weird but I’m looking forward to the time off… it will be a good opportunity to finish a bunch of pending books and to do some thinking away from everyone. I like the idea of traveling around alone in my own country, never done that before!!!
So, happy 2007 everyone! Happy 5 months till graduation for me!!! Good luck, sláinte!

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María del Mar dijo...

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaa qeu bueno que finalmente decidiste empezar tu blog!!

Te quiero mucho, y sí gracias gracias que ya terminó el maldito 2006.
Fpijate que yo pensaba que hice un montón de cosas padres, pero fue un año solitario para mí.
En fin Barbarina...
Seguiré estudiando (que raroooo)
Sigue escribiendo!